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About Us

Who are we?

Unicotrip: Buenos Aires & Argentina Tours - Unicotrip – unico is Spanish for “unique” – is a tour operator that provides private & custom tours. We specialize in providing cultural tours to individual travelers and groups.

Unicotrip was born with the collective ideas of Argentines, Americans and Europeans who decided to change the traditional image of the typical travel agency and tour operator. We started up to share our local knowledge, the secrets of this country and to give you our insights into the local culture. We have a deep understanding of the local culture. Therefore we are able to interpret and share these cultural differences on our tours in a unique way. Our trips our unique and tailor made, ‘out of the box’ and our designed with you in mind.

Our main goal is to ensure that you have the best experience possible on your trip at the best possible value to you.

In Unicotrip, we design each tour with care, enjoying our knowledge of this world as a whole to offer you great possibilities on your trip. Our destinations are well known, or some not so well known, but most importantly we go to places that have not been exploited by the tourism footprint. We care deeply very much about sustainable tourism. We achieve this by planting trees for every tour we run to offset our carbon footprint. Our sustainable tourism approaches ensure that we protect the local cultural hertiage and it's environment.

We are proud of providing a guaranteed excellent service. We believe that a good value tour operator shouldn't mean a loss in quality of service. All of our guides are professional and bilingual, something that can't be guaranteed by other local tourism operators. We also work with small groups sizes in order to ensure that every guest gets an excellent level of attention.

Basically, Unicotrip loves this place and we wish to share this with you on our tours.