San Telmo Fair

The San Telmo Fair (Feria de San Telmo) is the biggest fair in Buenos Aires. Its held every Sunday on Avenida Defensa in San Telmo (click here to see the location).

The street is lined with 1000s of market stalls, live bands, tango dancing, food stalls, street sellers, antique stores and touristic mementos. Its a great day out and certainly one of the top things to do in Buenos Aires.

Avenida Defensa was originally one of the oldest streets in Buenos Aires that leads upto the government house (casa rosada). Its also home to many famous churches, plazas and buildings, such as Plaza Dorrego, Basilica de San Francisco, Convento de Santo Domingo and Parque Lezama. The story about Parque Lezama is during the yellow fever in Buenos Aires in 1852, they put the 1000s of dead bodies underneath Parque Lezama. Perhaps its of interest to some people or a place to avoid for others.


Anyways, its a great place to visit on your trip to Buenos Aires. Please click the following link for more details about our Buenos Aires Trips or alternatively Contact Us.

5 great restaurants and eateries in Buenos Aires that won’t break the bank

So your going on vacation to Buenos Aires and you want to know some great places to eat? Going on vacation can be an expensive time, so not everyone wants to go to the most expensive places. Below are 5 great restaurants and eateries that have good food at a cheap price. Just click on the address below to visit the Google Map.

Las Cabras (Av. Fitz Roy 1795, Palermo Hollywood, Capital Federal)

This is a famous and cheap restaurant that has traditional Argentine foods such as Steak, Empanadas and Locro. They also have international foods such as Fajitas and Salads. No need to book a table, just turn up.

Roll’in Lui Alimentos (Av. Jorge Newbery 3674, Chacarita, Capital Federal)

This is a great falafel place that recently opened in Chacarita. Its all homemade food and includes salads and other rolls. Great place for spicy lovers. Its an eatery, so you can takeaway or eat on the benches outside.

Rita (Av. Olleros 3891, Chacarita, Capital Federal)

This is a relatively new restaurant that opened in Chacarita. It has a mixture of Argentine and international foods, but that steak sandwich is great for lunch.

Gran Dabbang (Av. Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz 1543)

Gran Dabbang is a restaurant that opened a few years ago. The owners are a married couple, one from England and the other from Argentina. They traveled all over the world and started a fusion food restaurant. The menu changes frequently, so its not possible to say what you’ll eat, but it will be a variety of foods from all over the world.

Chori (Thames 1653, Palermo Soho, Capital Federal)

This is a great spot for lunch. The Choripán is a very popular food in Argentina. You will often see BBQ’s on the side of the street with people cooking sausages and serving them in bread. The sausage is actually a grilled Chorizo and tastes great with some chimichurri on top. This is a popular Argentine sauce that contains herbs and spices.


Enjoy the food in Argentina!!

San Telmo Market

The San Telmo Market (not to be confused with the street market) is an indoor market near downtown Buenos Aires. Its one of the biggest and best markets in the city of Buenos Aires and is a great place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. The market has started to change in recent years and is becoming a lot more trendy with good independent restaurants and hole in the wall restaurants.

Go take a visit on your vacation in Buenos Aires. Click here to see the google map and take a visit by yourself. If you prefer, you can take the Buenos Aires Private City Tour and have a guided tour.

Buenos Aires Fishing Trip with Anthony & Friends

On Saturday 1st April we had another Buenos Aires Fishing Trip with Anthony and his friends. They were visiting Argentina from the United States. They were actually working on the Lollapalooza music festival and they decided to take a day off to go fishing in the Tigre Delta. They were picked up from their hotel in Retiro and took a 45 minute drive to the north zone of Buenos Aires. When they arrived in the city of Tigre, they met up with out fisherman who guided them onto the boat. We then set off into the Tigre Delta to do some fishing. They caught lots of Golden Dorado and some Catfish. We then went to a restaurant which is only accessible by boat called Gato Blanco. We had some great steak and wine/beer before getting back into the boat and fishing again. At the end of the day after some great fishing, food, wine/beer, sun and fun and banter, we went back to the docks for the drive back to the center of Buenos Aires. Please take a look of some of the photos below, they got some great catches. Well done guys!

Buenos Aires Fishing Trip

A good end to the week with our Buenos Aires Fishing Trip. Simon and his son from England spent the day fishing in the Rio de la Plata & the Tigre Delta. They are in Argentina for the regatta but they decided to take a day off for the Buenos Aires Fishing Trip with Unicotrip.

They started the fishing trip in San Fernando, in the north zone of Buenos Aires. They headed out into the Rio de la Plata (Silver Plata River). Their main catches were Dorado and Catfish. The big catfishes can be seen in the pictures below. At the end of the day they made their way back to the Albatros Yacht Club. Thanks Simon and his son for joining us on the Buenos Aires Fishing Trip.

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Argentina Hidden Destinations

Where are the best hidden places in Argentina? Everyone has heard of the famous places in Argentina; Mendoza the wine region, Iguazu and its falls, Bariloche with its mountains and lakes. So what about the best kept secrets in this country? Here’s a list of the 3 secret places in Argentina:

1) El Chalten: El Chalten is a small village in the province of Santa Cruz. Its not very well known on the tourist map so you can be one of the first international tourists to visit this place. The best thing this place has to offer is Mt Fitz Roy, which is one of the biggest mountains in the Americas and also the glaciers. Its home to Los Glacieres national park and its a great place for kayaking and ice trekking on the Glaciers. The city is best reached by flying into El Calafate and taking a bus 2 hours to the north.








2) Tandil: Its famous in Argentina for being the hometown of the current president Mauricio Macri, but its also famous or its farms, ranches and fantastic food. If your a food lover, I recommend Tandil. Its about 4 hours in the bus from the City of Buenos Aires, but its still in the province of Buenos Aires. The cheese is very good and is known for being the best in Argentina.cristodelassierrastandilvista










3) Puente del Inca: This is a small little sleepy town a couple of hours from the city of Mendoza. What’s it famous for? Well its close to the biggest mountain in South America; Mt. Aconcagua. Its also got the old train line that runs from Mendoza to Santiago, the Inca Bridge (pictured below) and resort & spa’s with hot springs.





The best thing to do in Buenos Aires

So you are coming to Buenos Aires and you want to do some activities? Your wondering what is the best thing to do in Buenos Aires? Argentina had a lot of Italian and Spanish immigration. The former emigrating here nearly 100 years ago. Both Italy and Spain are known for their top cuisine, so its easy to find great food in Buenos Aires. Ever wondered how they make this food and wanted to give it a go for yourself? The Buenos Aires Group Cooking Classes is the best activity to do in Buenos Aires. Come and learn how to cook Argentine food with this private cooking class.gigi-y-boris-en-el-horno-700x350 Cookabroad specialize in individual and private group cooking classes. Come and learn how to make empanadas, pancakes with dulce de leche, chipacitos (cheese bread rolls), criolla (Argentine stew), locro (Argentine stew) and other great foods.

Cookabroad are based in Palermo downloadHollywood which is the gastronomy area of Buenos Aires. Visit their website at for more information to book your private or group cooking class. Alternatively, contact Julia Grosman at for any enquiries.



The Childrens Park, Buenos Aires

Parque de los niños (The Children’s Park) is a park in the province of Buenos Aires, just outside the Capital of the city. Its easily reachable by the Linea Mitre Train. Jump on at Lisandro de la Torre in Las Cañitas and get down at Vicente Lopez. The train ride is approximately 15 minutes. The park is only a few blocks from the train station. In the map below you can see the park at the top of the map. Its close to Vicente Lopez Train Station (little blue square on the map).










Why is this park worth the train journey? Its a large park on the Rio de la Plata (Silver River), but what is special about this park is that it feels like the open sea/ocean. Its not possible to see land on the other side (Uruguay). The park has a nice boardwalk which stretches across the whole park. Its an hour’s walk but its well worth it. Here are some photos from my day out at the park. Its free and its a good idea to escape the city.

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Best thing to do in the Argentine winter season

Its now the off season in Argentina and we have less tourists at this time of year. Yes, its colder in winter but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do in Argentina. Argentina is home to the Patagonia. Its a huge area in the most southern part of Latin America which stretches towards the Antarctica. Why is winter a good time to visit this part of the world? Its home to many ski resorts, mountains, glaciers and wildlife such as penguins. All these things are best seen or done during the winter season.

Which are the best places for skiing? Bariloche is home to the biggest ski resort in Argentina. Most Brazilians like to visit this ski resort during the winter season. Its home to the most on and off-pistes ski slopes, but its also very busy. If you prefer a more quieter ski resort, I recommend Ushuaia. Its a lovely little ski resort next to the Antarctica at the ‘end of the world’. Its not particularly big, but what makes this ski resort great is that its quiet. Its possible to have a ski slope to yourself and the snow is great.

If your interested in a ski vacation in Argentina, please send Matt Carter an email to This is me in the photo nearly 10 years ago at the top of the mountain in the Ushuaia ski resort.



Winter season in Argentina

Its coming into the winter season in Argentina, so your probably wondering its better to wait until the summer season to travel to Argentina? Don’t forget that Argentina does have some things to offer for the winter traveller. Here is the top 4 places to visit during the winter season:

1) Mendoza – Mendoza is an all year round tourist destination. Its famous for being one of the biggest one regions in the world, but it also offers many different things during the winter months. Skiing in Las Leñas. This is the second biggest ski resort in Argentina after Bariloche. Come and enjoy the slopes when the resort opens on 18th June 2017. The views of the Andes are amazing! Our second favourite tour is through the Andes Mountains. We visit many beautiful places such as Mt Aconcagua, Penitente and many other small villages on the way. The mountains are spectacular when they are covered with snow.

2) El Calafate – Visit the famous Perito Moreno Glacier during the winter months. The glacier is one of the biggest in the world and its a sight you will never forget. The glacier is accessible from El Calafate on one of our tours.

3) Buenos Aires is an all year round destination because the best things in this city can be enjoyed all year. Theatres, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping, parks, wine tasting, architecture tours and much more.

4) Iguazu Falls – Iguazu is very close to the tropic of capricon. This means that during the summer months its very hot, humid and sticky. Your probably thinking that doesn’t sound like much fun! Well